Battery cuts off early on rides

hey guys, so like my title says im experiencing battery cutoffs early…im trying to find the culprit.

i suspect its my aging batteries sagging when im close to the cutoff voltage but i dont think it should be this abrupt of a cutoff.

i run 2x4s zippy flightmax 8000mah 30c batteries as an 8s pack with cuttoffs set by vesc tool as 24.8 end and 27.2 volts start. now, when im at around 28 to 28.5 volts on my pack (usually when im heading home) i occasionally experience complete power cutouts when i accelerate anywhere past around 25km/h(makes it scary to get back home :frowning: ) . i assume this is the battery cutoff, but when i check the voltmeter on my board the moment after it happens im atleast 1 volt above my cutoff start…so im trying to figure out why im getting these abrupt cutoffs when im seemingly decently above the cutoff voltage.

is this just the result of the fact that my batteries are over a year old now and are sagging heavily around my cutoff range?

If you have used the batteries a lot then I would say that is probably the case. I used similar batteries in my RC boats 30c 5000mah instead and drawing lots of amps. In a period of 4 minutes they were depleted. My cutoff was 3.2v I think. The cheap lipos only last so long.

edit are you using any monitoring apps like ackmaniacs or metr?

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No monitoring apps, but I figured just as much. They are well used batteries… So I think I’m just gonna look into buying some new ones

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lipo max life is about 300 cycle. so it probably lost 30~50 percent, capacity already. which is why it dies quickly.

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