Battery damage?

So i left one of my batteries charged for like 3 weeks, i forgot to put it in storage mode Could any one tell me if that will do any servere damage to my battery? Because I really don’t want to buy another one

3 weeks are no problem. Just check if the battery didn´t lost a high amount of power (if it did, that´s a sign of a broken battery). I found some batteries, i fully charged and left them for about half a year, and all was good :wink:

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Lipo? Balance charging?any pics? Did it stop charging once full?

My battery is a 5000mah flightmax lipo I dont have my charger with me now but I’ll check as soon as i get home Thanks


What charger dju use I’d say your good but can’t be sure obviously but that lipo looks good…no bulging or puffing?

That’s a picture i found online But mine doesn’t seem like it has any bulges

take a picture of yours.

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Wait so it is possible for to bulge just by leaving it charged?

If it over charged but how dju charge your? That looks perfect to me… with a balance charger it’s stops charging anyway so you’d be grand

Thanks a lot