Battery diagnostics/repair

Is there anyone you guys recommend for battery repairs? I believe my 12s4p has a bad bms. Board stopped working all of a sudden and the vesc’s just blink blue. From my research, it sounds like a bad bms. Open to any input.

Do you have a multimeter? You can check it very quickly with that. Then you need to open the pack to see if anything happened to the bms. If it broke, and can still charge, you can do a bypass.

I don’t. I have zero experience with the battery side of things.

You can learn quickly. All you need is a multimeter to start. If you have one, this can be solved in 10 minutes.

If it charges, would that indicate the bms is fine?

Yes. The bms would be fine. Broken bms doesn’t charge, it can somehow still discharge. Idk why. Happened to me.

Hmmm… ok, maybe that’s not my issue after all. Is it possible I had a short of some kind and it blew both Vesc’s?

Does the esc show blue and green or is it just blinking blue? Like when you repower it.

Just a very fast blue

Then the bms isn’t discharging properly. You’ll need to do a bms bypass. You might need to postpone that if you don’t own a multimeter.

Is that better than replacing the bms?

Yes because you are using the battery as your main source and your bms as a charger to your battery. The only down side is that you can’t brake at full power (I wouldn’t even recommend doing that at all…)

Cool, thanks so much for your help. I’ll do some research on how to do that.

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Make sure to buy a multimeter. Major help with it.

I’ll pick one up.

Grabbed a multimeter. My display is reading 47.6v on the battery and the multimeter reads 46v. Would that indicate the battery is fine or the opposite? I guess I was expecting the meter to read much lower or zero for there to be an issue. Again, I’m a total noob with this stuff.

So this means that the discharging lead is fine. Do you know what the discharge Amps the bms is rated for?

If not, you can ignore it and just try the bypass method.

So the bms could still possibly be the culprit even though I’m getting power to the plug?

Yes. I’ve read it in a different discussion with the same issue and the bms was the culprit, despite it being fine.

Weird, ok I’ll try the bypass. Thanks