Battery Dilemma

My goal is to keep the battery cost between $100-150 and have a range of 20+ miles. Up until last night I was almost dead set on a pair of 4s 16000mah Multistars to run in series for an 8s setup. But then I started to see more and more people complaining about one cell going bad from the get go and now I’m unsure what to do. I only want to buy the batteries once and have them last 1-2 years. Now I’m thinking of going 26650 for the larger capacity, safety, cycle life and ability to solder vs spot weld since they are bigger in diameter than 18650. The Basen A123 is starting to gain popularity here but I don’t see many other 26650 being used. Could someone explain why the MNKE 26650 is not more popular? The vaping community opinions are quite positive on them. I see they are Li-Mn (MNKE) vs LiFePo4 (Basen) but they are half the price $3-4 vs $8.

Should I just play the lottery on the Multistars, go for the graphene or nano tech turnigys, or the A123 or MNKE?

Where are u located

FYI Continuos 20A discharge current provides 1700mah.

See this thread

There seems to be a bit of confusion.

Basen is manufacture of Lithium Ion cells. A123 is a manufacture of LiFePO4 cells.

Both are 26650 size cells.

I’m in Pennsylvania. @Jinra Thanks, I was not aware of this. And Namasaki’s thread has been very helpful, read it a few times. I’m leaning towards ponying up for the Basen A123’s. Considering doing two 4s3p packs and running them in series for 8s3p. Could I get away without a BMS and just charge the two packs seperately with my iMax B6 at 4s?

Basen and A123 are different companies. I’m assuming you mean the A123 26650 LIFEPO4 cells? You could charge with the imax and forego a BMS, though I like the all in 1 solution with a BMS myself.

Yeah, your both correct. So many different batteries running through my head! :confused: But yeah the Basen IMR 26650 is what I’m thinking. I like the BMS solution as it is cleaner, but then I’d be in another $60 for an 8s charger and BMS. I don’t mind the inconvenience charging with the B6 if it would be safe for the cells. I’m using a VESC which would take care of overdischarge with the low voltage cutoff. I’d also have a volt display to monitor while riding.