Battery doesn't fully charge anymore

Huh, I thought problem went away. Good choice manual mode for the win

Maybe the bms had only 5a charging current and the Regen braking provided more which results in cutting out the brakes?

Yeh I will try but since it happens once I am afraid it will happen again after few charges. One of the cell ( cell 8) is lower tha the other may I charge it with this as you said? IMG_20180715_215530

I just need to connect the cell to B+ and B- right?

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The problem was that when battery nearly fully charged in the first 2 km hard brakes result in BMS cut out to prevent overcharge. So I am now using it for charge only

That is only a problem with a >12s battery (50,4v + regen Spikes) With a 10s you should not have the Problem. I still think the bms had too less charging current ability

When I remove the discharge branch than the problem went away. I also have the telemetry data and you see that just before the voltage reached 48V because the BMS cut out and current doesn’t know where to go and it’s read at the VESC level by the HM-10 module. That what I thought

That means if you do not discharge through the bms it works. That means the bms cannot handle the Regen current? It seems like that

ah ok that’s for sure. The overcharged protection starts to low. I am now balancing manually the cell and I will give it another try. Otherwise I will change it. I am sick of opening the battery

Some is discharging and some charhing :laughing: it’s a mess!


@onepunchboard Finally! Now we’ll see for along they will be stable. Thanks for the help :grin:


After one night of final balancing from the BMS

1 4.16
2 4.16
3 4.16
4 4.18
5 4.17
6 4.17
7 4.17
8 4.17
9 4.17
10 4.17

Let’s see for how long it will last this time… Thank you everyone for the help!

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