Battery doesnt work

I have been at this bms 18650 project for my electric longboard for a couple months and i cant seem to get it to work. Setup: 40 18650s 4p 10s all parallel packs charged to 4v bms: motor:

I wired my bms according to the picture given in the ebay link and i checked all the balance leads and connections and they all seem good to go. My charger is my ebike charger that i use for another battery that is also 10s 36-42v. When i discharge my battery through the P- of the bms and the positive lead of the battery it works but when i charge it after discharging it with my motor it will charge for a few seconds before the charger goes green again. The battery reads 40v and the charger hasnt yet charged the battery up to 42v. Please help.

Post some pictures of your connections, and setup in general.

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here is a pick of a drawing i made and the batteries themselves that all read 4v.