Battery enclosure for Trampa carver build or buy?


I bought a Trampa carver from an other member of the esk8 community (on it’s way :crossed_fingers:t2:) and also a motormount from another member (this one still haven’t been shipped even if bought before the deck :unamused:) But this isn’t the subject of my post.

So the subject is that I have bought about 120 21700 to build my battery (originally bought 100 samsung INR18650 20R but got ripped off instead of being hooked up like the site promise)

Anyways I am wondering if I should buy a battery enclosure from I believe includes the hardware(screws,inserts,etc) but doesn’t fit on the carver) or from (does it come with the different hardware needed to mount it ??) or if i should build my own battery enclosure with like fiberglass fabric, resin epoxy

I do have a 3d printer (with a dead heating element) but I could make like 10-12 smaller enclosure(10s6p or 12s5p if possible) I could make waterproof/reinforce after and fix it under the board, will 3d print the VESC’s enclosure (wich will most likely end up top mounted)

If you have any suggestion for me please share that idea to me/us !

I just finished this one! Almost done. Little fine tuning! All Aluminum. Couple grommets and painting!

Buy it. I made 4 enclosures. with my x carve cnc i made the foam mold and used roarockit vacuum bag and epoxy. Its shaped but I didnt have an oven or experience. Ive recently bought 3 from Alan. They not only showed up early. The quality is so well made I was embarrassed I even tried making em!. Lol. For the cost of epoxy and materials and time…Buy it. Eboardsperu 100%!!!. Hands Down.