Battery Enclosures

Hi all, what do you all think of the following product or products similar? I’m going to be building a 10s8p battery soon once @JLabs group buy is finalised and this looks like a neat and modular way to go about it. I’d prefer 8 pack cases like these but two of these parallel would suffice.

I’ve seen them before. I don’t like them because it’s WAY too easy for them to fall out. So much vibration + flimsy plastic parts… never a good ending.

People have talked about these before and i was told they cant handle the output for what eboards need. I wonder if you swapped all the steal for nickel strips and put thicker wires… Maybe that might work?? you should be able to secure them easy enough.

The electrical side of things is what I was more worried/concerned about. Securing them I was just going to glue and shrinkwrap.

Swapping out all the steel for nickel and increasing the wire size… After all that, spöt welding is probably easier.

Not if you dont have one

@racidon You’re going to spend over $60 on battery housings? You should probably just buy a spot welder. You can save space, and cost in the long run by spot welding it. There are a number of cheap spot welders (DIY and Commercial) that you can get for <= $100.

I could get it that cheap if i was in the USA but i was just saying if he didnt want to buy a spot welder as alot of people would just use it once.

This is true. I made mine using a microwave transformer and some flexible welding cable for about $50 Canada in that’s like what 38ish US. Most expensive parts were the copper grounding lugs you had to get to join the loose ends and that was probably half the cost right there. Worked like a charm.

Sorry, meant to reply to OP, but it is very true, if you are gonna do it ONCE, then it may not be worth it. Many builders on the forum want to keep working and keep building, so they may build multiple packs. I still feel like 18650 Enclosures aren’t the way to go even if you’re going to only build one pack. You can always solder the pack!

I see people solder packs and they advise not to when doing it hahaha

Yep. Personally, I don’t mess with HV transformers because I am a little bi***, but it is a really good way to make a spot welder if you are knowledgeable with that stuff.

Haha, it’s very true, soldering packs can decrease the lifespan of the pack if you leave the iron on for too long. But most boosted board battery extending packs are soldered 18650 cells. I’ve seen a number of builders here on the forum that solder them too. Sometimes you gotta ignore the others and go for it.

Well by the time your done with it, the voltage is no higher than a few double a batteries if that, just the amperage goes mad crazy hight which is arguable more dangerous. High voltage means more arcing potential and higher amperage just means it can kill you faster. Or something like that. Anyway as long as youre careful and stay within your comfort zone then that’s good enough. Especially with HV electronics as you mentioned.

My idea behind using enclosures like this is they are square not round. So they fit in a box a little neater imo. Also I want to make each cell have a fuse to prevent damage to other cells. But no point doing this if I have to remove spot welds to fix the battery. So I wanted a way I could remove a cell and put a new one in easily :slight_smile:

I just finished my battery pack made out of those battery holders. Not sure how it will perform that is why i got transformer out of old microwave just in case i will deside to make spot welder myself. Can you share a picture of yours or maybe diagram or some info so i can add another design of yours to my knowledge base. Thanks