Battery/Energy Consumption

How does going from single to dual motor affect battery usage? Does it double as well? (assuming all other factors are the same/constant, e.g. weight, road elevation, road condition, riding style, etc.)

Will going from 90mm urethane to 7inch pneumatics affect battery usage as well? By how much?

I had a single motor setup with 90mm wheels and 10s2p 30Q. Enough for my daily commute of 10km but can go 20-25km max.

Got a new motor and a set of 7inch pneumatics. So now it’s dual motors, 6374 190kv, and 7inch pneumatics. 5-7km in, it’s already warning me about “Battery below 50%”. Is this normal?

Pneumatics from thane will make a big difference, all other factors aside

Make sure they are at a high psi

Around 35wh per mile on my dual 12s with 200mm pneumatics

I got 33wh/mi with Sixshooters and 48t pulleys. Normally I get between 20 and 25 wh/mi with 107’s and 40t pulleys.

Wut I run dual 6374 192kv 83mm wheels ( normal longboard wheels) around 9wh/km, dunno if that is much or not tho… Dual focbox 10sp4 30q 192kv 6374dual

Gr sam

Did some testing. Used my 90mm wheels 15:36, and got significantly more range. So I guess the type of wheel, in this case, pneumatics, affect your battery consumption (range) more than adding another motor?

I think second motor might max consume up to 30% more… (should be about same wattage, but electrical and mechanical efficiency (defficiency) add up and I think losses for single motor might be 10-20%,

So for 2 motors it might be 20-40% total in electrical eff, but im not enginneer just some figures that might be true, i think)

Pneumatics can increase consumption up to 80-120%, i think…

That is if u had 8-10wh/km now it might be 15-24wh/km.

So yes… pneumies add more rolling resistance than second motor.

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25 Wh/mi average on 100mm to 110mm polyurethane street wheels

There’s three variables: 1 rolling resistance of the wheels (still seems unclear what’s best)

  1. More motors will increase efficiency as the copper losses (which are the biggest loss with our small motors) are current squared times resistance and with two motors the current is halved as its split to two motors

3 the drive system w belts n pulleys will be a loss of some sort but likely not much n two motors will surely perform more efficiently unless they are gigantic beyond what we normally use

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spot on @Okami. I’m averaging around 18wh/km pneumatics (170mm), weight (90kg), hills.

Maybe that’s why most builders here don’t go below 4p when building batteries in builds with pneumatics. Welp, time to upgrade batteries.

I agree with @Hummie, more motors = higher efficiency, not less.

Pneumatics will definitely cause a significant range decrease though.

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