Battery / ESC Help

Hey guys. First post here. Just wanted some advice from some experienced dyi esk8ers about what battery / esc I should he looking to get with this motor. Alien drybe system 5065 270kv out runner 2200w . I was orginally planning 2 x 4s 5000mah 10c in series. Or if I could go for the 2 x 10000mah in series. But finding a 8s esc is a bit annoying, wanted to know if I could run 6s etc Il take any recccomendation. Thanks

Dude … Use a lipo batter higher than 10c…

Bump it up higher than 25c. The higher the better imo tho people will tell you it’s fine…it’s not

And start here please

I’ve started their, I’m only asking this question because I want to see what people say, since I’ve had people sayy battery choice is fine and others say it’s not, which battery would you reccomend for 25c? (3s/6s)