Battery for 2 foc box w 192kv 6374 motors

I’m looking for a battery, preferably with a display, switch, charging port, and a BMS. 12s3p or 12s2p, I was looking online and they’re super expensive, (400 and above) I’m looking for a quality battery, but I don’t wanna break bank on it. Reply anything or any ideas on here please!

Build one. Gotta pay for quality unless you do it yourself.

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Maybe go for lipos…

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Best bang for the buck is this


30q cells really well built and sturdy plus it comes with an enclosure and mounting hardware. Go ahead and upgrade the charger to the fast charger unless you want to wait 18hours to charge this thing haha. Ask @torqueboards he can get you started.

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That is how much they are man. Especially with all that included. Definitely try lipos to keep the cost down but really good high discharge lipos will set you back dollars. Then factor in balancing switching etc and you’re getting up there.

If there is one thing on your build that can make it worthwhile its the battery. Spend the money because it is the heart of the board and the one thing you just shouldn’t go cheap on.

They do appear from time to time on the parts threads but if its a relatively new set up then still around the $300 us


Okay will do thanks!

Yeah I think I might just spend the extra money on that one

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@Battosaii beat me to it! Can’t recommend @torqueboards gear enough.