Battery for 6S4P

I’m a beginner with electric boards. I’ve few knowledge of mechanics and electronics.

2 friends and I, have got 3 elongboards from 6S4P Our idea is improving it by DIY, so for that we come here.

I has looking for the upgrade kit, to get 36V with the 10S6P battery, but… I was reading in this post and I see how says that this battery it will drain quickly. I my current setup, I notice that the battery is not the same as the beginning, only with less of 20 charges and 2 month. Especially in streets with slope.

Anyone have this battery? Do you recommend any better one?

Thanks in advance.

Lots of builders on here will make you a quality battery with much better cells. I purchased from *edit just noticed your location. Idk who would be the nearest battery builder to you. Maybe check this out

I also hear good things about the Meepo sanyo 10s battery. Think its about $250.

Pretty much everything on the diyboard site is low quality. My 6s board is basically one of thier kit and ive been replacing part by part after my trucks snapped in half.


add the picture please :pray: already forgot how it looked… this diy truck

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Not about that life anymore. Putting it behind me lol

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waiting for some updates on your build log!!! next weekend you said you put things together, right?

I bought this eboard because my normal longboard was broken few month ago. Instead of buying a new normal long, I decided to try this model. I had been thinking to build my own, but I haven’t enough money to spend on it.

I wanna try this, with the climbs of my city, and my weight, 85Kg. I know that is not a good kit, but for that I’m here, for learn and maybe, take this as a hobby.

I’m from Spain, then I can’t buy from as @skunk says.

About the compression pack link… I have a 3D printer, and I find awesome to build our own batteries. I have to investigate about the BMS…

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