Battery Help - Cash (PayPal) bonus if someone can fix my issue :-)

I’ve been trying t figure this same thing out along with a couple others and this thread was the closest to what I was trying to find. I just blew a 10s3p 30q randomly out of nowhere that won’t charge or discharge properly (or at all anymore FML) so def want a BMS on any build I do.

I have a raptor 2 coming this week and I know they have a BMS. But I also have a spare R2 SPACE battery coming I plan to use on my main DIY builds and want a BMS, enertion hasn’t been much help getting the answers I need related to this so figured the community could help a lot more…

  • Since the SPACE cell from Enertion doesn’t come with a BMS is it fine to use any 10s BMS?
  • Is there a simple way of adding a BMS to the space cell or is the battery going to need to be disassembled, wired with BMS, reassembled back together, wrapped, and then put in heat-shrink again…?
  • Any BMS anyone recommends since Enertion won’t at all (really think they should cell BMS to people who buy a spare battery)
  • Anyone know if the spare battery comes with an enclosure too?

Any thoughts, advice, or input is welcome.

******* Bonus question… if someone can help me with my original issue in the first statement I made to help me save a 10s3p 30q battery I will love you for life… here is the cliff notes version again to try and make it an easy read…

  • Got the battery from a fellow form member - worked great and rode it on my DIY set up (dual FOCboxes with 2 TB 6355 motors on 97 mm reflys’s) - after a month or so of riding a couple random issues with my board acting strange occasionally that turned out to be nothing (Psycho actually helped me with a few things) and I can’t remember exactly why but my BMS needed to come off - was going to put a new one on but didn’t and psycho said I didn’t really need it anyway (not blaming him at all becuse I’ve been known to be a board/battery killer I think just because I push boards too hard, ride daily, and live in a somewhat hilly area in SoCal…I’ve killed a couple koowheel batteries and another 1 or 2 I cant even rememeber what they were now) - fast forward to a week or two ago - been riding say 5-10 miles a day I’d say (side note - not sure if me being 6’3" 200 lbs helps either) - well one day I go for a normal daily (night) ride with my buddy who ESK8’s everyday with me - no issues on the ride - plugged my board in when I got home like normal (I plug my board in to go to 100% after every ride no matter how much I used) - skip to the next day and when I go to get my morning smoothie like I do everyday my board won’t turn on, no power anywhere… take apart and examine and find nothing, have 1-2 other people examine, nothing - plug in to BLDC tool and nothing is wrong or changed - only way it will turn on is plugged in, but when it’s on and plugged in the power when I give throttle is super sluggish, battery drains from 100% down to 0% on my meter within 2-3 seconds and will usually cut out before hitting 50-60% - that’s where I am at as of now when I come to you today.

PLEASE HELP. Any advice or ideas or welcome.

***I will be the first to admit I’m not a battery builder or expert but that’s why I get help from others

Thanks in advance FAM. Keep esk8’n!


So you have two options one is to get a balance charger like @onloop suggest in this thread

the other, is what you want. It seems the [email protected] spare battery has JST connectors for its BMS I’m absolutely no battery expert at all but is it as simple as “rewiring” these wires to a new BMS?

maybe @barajabali can offer some insight

More or less, make sure you match what you need/want in terms of current unless you’re going for a “charge only” bms. There are alot if you search this forum.

If you have cell cables exposed then its quite trivial to connect a BMS. Should be a piece of cake.

Supower or Bestech are general choice here for chinese simple bms’s. If you want the more techy approach you could go with the DieBiems. It has alot of extra goodness but could be abit more complicated to setup for someone abit new.


The fak. you must be doing something very wrong if you’re piling up dead batteries.

Regarding your setup acting wierd towards the end of that wall of text there. Sounds like w/e charging was done hurt the battery/it was already on the verge of failing before that. If you have a hobby charger and know how to use it its very easy to determine how healthy your battery is.