Battery help needed in West LA area

Hi team! I started a thread about suddenly losing a lot of range and a significantly shorter charging time…i wanna open up my battery pack to see if I lost a parallel connection somewhere but Im lacking the know-how and equipment to put it back together if i take it apart.

The pack is a 18650 30q 10s4p 8x5 cell block, I think we want to test the voltage of each parallel pack and make sure there arent any “quick fix” faults first before deciding to just make a whole new battery.

Thanks guys! I’ll definitely travel to you and compensate as well. Im located in Venice area


lucky you, being where you are. you’ll have plenty of local help

i assume you have a voltmeter?

and this pack of yours has balance leads, right?

connect pack negative to voltmeter negative.

then measure each balance lead in sequence, jot the voltages down.

then using excel or whatever, subtract successive numbers and that’ll give you each P group voltage.

see if you’ve got large variances, like more than 0.2v.

also, what does 8x5 cell block mean?


I dont have anything besides a soldering iron! 8×5 block means there are 40 cells in a block that is 8 cells wide and 5 cells tall. Theyre not just laid out flat

oh, interesting, is this in a pelican case or something?

anyway, i’m in downtown but work near ucla. if you give it to me i can try troubleshooting it for you.

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Its in an old tackle box,

I’ll take you up on your offer to help out, thank you so much for offering! My only upcoming free days are saturday thr 20th, monday 22nd, and wednesday 24th…do any of these days work for me to meet you in either westwood or dt? I can do either place, whatever is easiest for you.