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Battery help needed

I’m looking to purchase a space cell or other easy to charge battery. The main problem with the lipo is just ease of charging and all the wires I would connect. It does work but it just takes forever. Can anyone recommend a battery pack or way of safely charging my lipo under my board(currently dissassebling everything to get to batteries.My main problem is that the maximum budget for my battery is 200 dollars. This is for a class project im doing and afterwards a mode of transportation to my school. Im not really rich so i cant just dish out 1000 dollars for the enertion stuff sadly. Any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated.

If it helps im considering going with either a tacon or 260kv sk3.(trying to run dual rear). My esc will be either a vesc or hobbyking x car beast 150. I decided to go with a 15/32 5mm pitch gearing ratio, and i have caliber trucks with 83mm clone flywheels to go with my 37 inch bamboo deck. Im trying to keep the cost low so around 400 dollars can’t really afford to make any errors with money being tight.

Do you have a build thread where we could merge this to? You could try getting a BMS and hooking the lipos up to that and then wiring the BMS to a one plug charge port like the space cell.

Crap actually I don’t thanks for the heads up let me go do that now

You can leave all ur lipos connected permanently and bulk charge them and just balance them through the balance wires with a small 10$ balancer.

I hate taking it all apart as well and ended up doing it this way. Depending on what voltage ur charging at and how much of a rush you’re in you can charge them with maybe a 15 dollar laptop charger

Do not buy the SPACE Cell. I purchased one months ago, and it arrived broken. I have spent the last two months trying to get support for it, and now I am having to go through my credit card company to get my money back.

oh sorry to hear bout that man I guess ill just run with the lipos then

The SPACE Cell is not bad at all. Just because you had a bad experience with it doesn’t mean people shouldn’t get it. I’ve heard about 20 people who love it.

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I imagine it’s a decent battery when it works, but thus far mine has not and Enertion did little to help me before I threatened to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Ok. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them. @onloop is quite busy so I guess it’s hard for him to help everyone. Hopefully he gets more stock in so he doesn’t have to worry about running out of VESCs.

I would say that the SPACE cell is overpriced and not worth the money, but it cant be bad, its just a long lasting lipo for noobs. If you are hardcore you go with lipos/diy life batteries

The switch issue has been fixed, so no one else is getting broken space cell’s.

Is it an expensive battery? Yes

Do you get what you pay for? I believe so, but that depends on the individual user.

The space cell feedback is positive with many users such as @longhairedboy @RunPlayBack @BigAl @elkick @disastorm @NIK just to name a few… tons more can vouch in on this topic as well.

Small companies can mess things up every once in a blue moon, but you can’t base their entire reputation on how 1 negative problem was handled out of 1,000’s of positive ones.


Like you said, will I pay $300+ for a 10S battery? naw

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Any ideas about the new 12S Space cell? seems like its a better deal because its 12 vs 10

12s space cell? not sure as to what you are referring to.

@torqueboards has a 12s3p battery, but it is $455(with fast charger and free shipping) More powerful and has a USB port, but not worth the extra cash over a 10s3p in my opinion.

editted- thanks TB

@cmatson - $425 for 2A Charger. $455 for a 4A Charger. Shipping included.

$75 difference for 12S3P and +2x USB Chargers. It’s a 333wH pack which gets you well over 20+ miles per pack.

I’ll have some 10S3P options as well. Should have them at the end of the month.

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If you go big you can build a pack using recycled laptop cells and an 80 watt soldering iron. It would be a lot of work but you would save several hundred dollars on your build and you would learn much more than if you bought something ready made.

Ask around at your local recycle yard or waste management and you could end up getting the used cells for free!

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