Battery Indicator instructions?

I bought a batter indicator from aliexpress but there are no manual or instructions with it. There is two buttons on the back “Set” and “U/D”. I’ve messed up the settings and want to reset it but the seller isnt being super helpful.

Any ideas?

Battery indicator Link

Mine isnt the same as the video in your thread and I dont have an option of L to mean Cells. I have 12 programming modes and if i enter each then theres a sub menu. I’ve managed to figure out most of the menu options, but in doing so I cant reset it.

Copypasta from a review on AliExpress: While holding down the set will come out menu with parameters choose the right and back button set, choose value parameter and wait until it remain. Parameters: 3-Turn Off Automatic Detection of Battery, 4-upper limit voltage, 5-lower limit voltage, 8-screen brightness, 10-Time to automatically turn off the display in seconds, wakes up from the second button

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Thanks, problem is it still doesnt provide me instructions on how to reset the settings to factory default

Dunno. I’d just sit down and mess with it. With only two buttons there can’t be that many options.

B1 off, B2 off B1 on, B2 off B1 off, B2 on B1 on, B2 on


There is no factory reset. You just program it to your liking and go.

im pretty sure if you hold down set and while holding firm on power it’ll go back to set mode