Battery Issues, Raptor, Gen 1, Manufactured Fall 2016

I was commuting on my esk8 when I noticed the battery draining faster than normal. The battery (Enertion’s Space Cell) drained right to 0% and I lost power. I carried the board home, and plugged it into its charger. The green light on the charger was lit solidly so it appeared to be charging normally. After a couple hours, I turned on the board’s switch so I could view the battery level. When I switch on the board with it still connected to the charger the light on the charger flashes green and red. The battery level indicator on the board lights up, but the battery icon in the window cycles from full to 3/4 full, and the numeric indicator goes from 100% charge, down to 70% charge, very rapidly.

If I unplug the charger, then power on the board, the battery indicator doesn’t light up, the battery icon is completely empty, and the numeric indicator says 0% charged. If I try to use it the wheels spin slowly for a rotation or two, but then stop.

In advance, I’m grateful for any assistance from the geniuses on this forum! Thanks guys!

Sounds like a broken connection somewhere in the pack. You’ll have to open it up to diagnose this. If you have a multimeter you could test the voltage before doing so.

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