Battery Level Indicator

Hi, as I am about to embark on building my longboard I have a question. Context: I am going to be suing two 5s batteries hooked up to a 10S BMS in series.

I’m wondering how I build in a battery capacity display so I can see what % my batteries are on when riding it. Anyone want to tell me how the battery capacity LCD works and where I would put it in my board?

Thanks, Doug


If you have prime and are in a hurry.

And these just attach to the positive and negative terminals?

yep, dont space out the connections though or it’ll blow.

What do you mean? Like have one like 10cm away from the other?

They work by soldering the positive and negative leads coming out of the meter in parallel (pos to pos, neg to neg) to a positive and negative lead in your setup. I recommend putting the voltage meter after your switch so that the meter only comes on when your system comes on. I use one similar to this but I would recommend a less bulky one like @Jinra showed. You can see my diagram for the voltage meter here.

Yep, I blew two of them that way.

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Dont have one 10cm from the other.

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Ah okay! The BMS has a switch (I’m using a latching button) so just the positive and negative leads coming from the BMS would be fine then?

I believe so yes.

Hi , why all peoples cutting red and black wires?? :-S

Can I just put wire in xt60 connector betwen male and female?

I dont want cut any wires.

I’m not sure what you are asking. You wont be able to use the male xt60 if you do that…

Why not? If I use very-very small wire and closed 2 conectors normally?

What I did in case it stopped working or I just wanted to unhook it, was solder the indicator to a xt90 connector. Then I connected it with a parallel connector between the batteries and esc. Works really welL and can just plug/unplug it.