Battery Literature

Hi, I am pretty new to this esk8 community. I like many other people had trouble grasping the idea of Batteries: LiPo and Li-Ion.

After reading around a few places, and watching a few videos, I am better aware of how batteries work and what numbers mean. I just wanted to post a few links here that helped me understand battery terminology and concepts. Of course, I am not the best knowledgeable person in this topic, but it has educated me enough to understand the conversations people have here on the forum.

Introduction to LiPo batteries:

How Low can a Battery be Discharged?

PreCharging before assembling pack

Charging Tutorial (EEVBlogs) I recommend this video because Dave explains the difference between Watt-Hour and Amp-hour

Complete Guide:

And as always if there are more links anyone else has, please let me know.

Topics to become familiar with: -Capacity -Voltage -Current -Series and Parallel -Charging -Discharging/Characteristic Curve -Maintenance/Care


battery university is also a great resource for reading up on li-ion and battery technologies.

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