Battery Longevity

Quick question. I have 3 x 3s Lipos in series, they’re all 5000mah 25c.

I’ve been out on my board today, they were all practically fully charged but I only got 5.1 miles out of them before the ESC cut the voltage to preserve them… Does that sound right to you?

Using the same cells, is there a way to get more distance?

What would be the best configuration for Li-ion batteries to get the a greater distance from them? I can drop voltage down to 22.2 as that’s what I had before and was quite happy with…

I have my 3x3S lipos in series also but it lasts me 3-4 hours of cruising and speed riding. I have my cutoffs at 3.6 and 6374

Hmmm, that’s odd. My packs are a little ‘puffy’ maybe they’ve had it!?

Maybe they weren’t fully charged after all? I thought they were but to be honest, I’d done some ESC testing (setting up my VESC) before going out but not miles worth…

You can estimate about 1 mile per Mah running at 6s …that’s abt normal

So if I ran 6s instead of 9s and my batteries are 5000mah, I can expect 5 miles?

Would that mean that if I changed it to be 5000mah 3s in parralel, I’d get 15 miles?

Well I just noticed ur running 9s … what lipos are u using? What’s the c rating?

Turnigy 11.1v. 25c

To be honest you’d prob be closer to 7 - 9 miles on 9s … Do you have a lot of hills? Rough roads?

I was mainly on the flats today, like one small slight incline of a hill for about 100m

Def should be getting more than 5 miles then mate

:angry: That’s annoying! Think my packs must be kaput!

Nah … recheck your wiring… puffy lipos … it’s a thing as long as they ain’t really getting deformed

Also check wheels and belts for drag just incase something is binding…

Other option is to get a higher rated battery with higher c rating

One way of telling if lipos are bad is if the cells drift a lot or a cell discharges way faster than the rest… if your cells do none of these…they are fine

When I got the packs they were around 25mm thick, they’re about double that now! :astonished:

I’ve checked that nothing’s dragging, it’s a chain drive and everything seems to be very smooth…

I’m going to go and check each cell in a mo and see where they sit. I’ve not charged it since I got back from this ride today so that’ll give me a good indication.

Never had a chain drive …maybe someone here has some relevant experience with them and the effect on range

Letting them cool is always a good idea before recharging them

Oh yeah, I got back hours ago… they’re stone cold Steve by now :thumbsup:

That’s weird, I’ve just checked the voltage of the whole pack in series and it’s still got 34.4v in it!?