Battery Management System + Zippys?

Is it possible to use a BMS with x2 Zippy Flight Max battery packs? I ask because it would be easier to charge tat with a balance charger. and I wouldn’t have to pull the batteries every time I wanted to charge. thans


Bump i have the same question.

Yea it is possible.

Can we get a wee bit more info mate :slight_smile:

Hahah yea sure.

So let’s assume you are using 2x 6s batteries.

You need to first hard wire those packs together To do that, you need to run one of the pos leads to one of the neg leads which will effectivly series them.

Then remove all of jst plugs but keep track of their order.

You will have a few extra balance leads which you don’t need. At that point just follow the instructions that your bms needs to set it up.

I offer this as a service for pretty cheap if anyone needs


Cool, sounds easy enough. If I can find the balance lead layout Ill see if I can draw up a schematic.

Well you don’t really need a layout. I would just dive into it. It will all make sense once you tear apart a couple lipos lol

I ordered a 6S 60A Li-ion / LiPO BMS [link]. I currently have only 3s Zippys, so I guess I’ll order some 6s next week.

Does anyone know how the balance leads specific connection points?

Hey, I build one with a BMS and a 8s Lipo. I got two 4s Batteries and connected them in series. Here is a link to my build

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Very nice build. I like the enclosures a lot, looks beefy :). Do you happen to have a drawing or pics of how you connected the balance leads?

You could also build some type of simple balance lead board so you can just connect the leads from the LiPo to it, and then have it output the 6s balance lead. That would be a non-invasive (to the LiPos) method. I imagine there may already be a product that does that as well.

Great idea, I just need to find the pin-outs for the 3s and/or 6s balance leads.

Ask and ye shall receive:

you rock out loud sir :slight_smile:

Very nice. The wiring is confusing me but I hope it comes out as well as yours did.

I have a pretty good tutorial on that here: :slight_smile:


I saw that, very good video. The issue I am having is find the exact connections for the balance wires for 2 battery packs, the connections for the battery POS & NEG & the ESC POS & NEG. I see how to do it in theory, but in practice its fairly complicated.

This is what I have drawn up. The yellow boxes with a question mark are the questions I need to answer. I think the Battery NEG goes to B- and the Battery POS goes to P-. I don’t know where the ESC and the balance wires would connect to the BMS. Any help would be appreciated.

The balance plugs are what is really throwing me. As the 1st & 2nd wires apparently goes to cell 1 and then the 2nd & 3rd wire go to cell 2 and so forth I cant figure out how the 4th wire bridges into the second battery at cell 1.

I am really hoping someone can tell me which wires go were. I’ll then update the drawing and post it for everones future reference.


You’re making great progress! I’ll try and address those questions marks.

Let’s start with those on the balance wires. Here’s kind of a general overview of those balance wires. Skip this paragraph if you already understand it. Each battery has 3 cells, so you have 4 balance wires coming out of each one. The first is the negative of cell 1, which is also the negative of the whole pack (so the main black wire coming out of the pack and balance wire wire, most likely black, are connect to the same end of the same cell). The next wire is the spot where the positive end of cell 1 connects to the negative end of cell 2. This wire allows you to measure the voltage across just cell 1, to ensure it is not out of balance (thus “balance” wires). The next wire connects at the spot where the positive end of cell 2 connects to the negative end of cell 3, and serves the same purpose. The last balance wire connects to the positive end of cell 3 (most likely the red wire), which is also the positive end of your pack (big red wire coming out).

So you’ve set up the packs connected correctly to get a 6s pack. The way you did that is to connect the positive end of one pack to the negative end of the other pack. Literally do the same thing with the balance wires. Connected the corresponding ones in the middle. From your schematic, I think that would mean the #4 lead on the left balance plug is connected to the #1 of the right’s. That means you now have a total of 7 leads, labeled like this 1–2--3–4/1–2--3–4, with the double dash being a single battery cell.

Now, as for bigger wires, assuming your BMS is also serving as over current protection, you have 3 wires going through the BMS. The negative of the combination battery (the two 3s cells together), the negative of the charging port, and the negative of the ESC. I think B- is the negative of the pack, P- is the negative of the ESC (the discharge), and Ch- is the negative of the charge port. I can’t quite read what’s on your picture, but I think it may be something similar to that. The positives are all connected together.

Edit: Removed “As a note, a 6s BMS should have a 7-port balance jack.” …total brain fart, it should be 6, as is pictured.

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