Battery Managment System Wiring- Charging

Hi I have two 3S batteries wired in series that I would like to balance changed internally with a BMS. I’m very confused with the wiring everywhere and to make things worse my battery cell cables have 1 black wire and 3 red when a lot of wiring diagrams have it the other way around. Also I don’t know where to connect my charging cables to the BMS and to the batteries. If someone could draw up a wiring diagram or explain where everything goes that would be good. Thanks (below is my BMS, battery cables and charging port) imageimageimage

Diagrams are easy to follow wrong and you’re much better off using a voltmeter. As a guess the black cable from each pack is battery minus of the first cell. You only need one of those. And that goes to the 1st pin of the BMS. Then the rest will go + of 1 to 6 to complete the 7 pins. I can’t tell you which is where without a manual. P- and plus should be charging but check. You’ll need to bypass that aswell looks too low current