Battery Monitors how low to go?

So random question regarding those LCD battery Monitors people have been putting in their builds. I have see that you never want your lipos to go below a certain voltage level (3V/cell I think it was) My question is these battery monitors, does that save level correspond to 0% on the screen? Or do I have to pay attention and stop riding at say 20%? Also would the board keep function beyond that minimum voltage cutoff? As in could I accidentally ride my board too long until the batteries become unstable and dangerous? If it makes any difference I have a VESC and a 60A BMS in my setup.

This is the monitor I was reffering to:

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This is an approximation of how voltage level corresponds to meter %. You’ll have to check the datasheet of your batteries, but lipos lower voltage limit tends to be higher than li-ion.


If you are looking at the DROK DC8-63V Volt Meter, which is what most people use, you can switch it from percentage to voltage on the display.

I usually charge my cells to 4.2v & run them to 3.6v (@ 6s total voltage = 25.3v top to 21.6v bttom).

There are 2 styles (I didn’t say model, because the model numbers are the same). On both styles, you have to solder a button on the front. On the old style, you have solder points on the back that you bridge for different functions. On the new style, its all done with the 2 back buttons and the front button.

Here’s a youtube video of the old style.

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