Battery not charging

Can anyone help me in figuring out my battery issue? My charger and all battery connections have polarity and read correct voltage. i charged it fine a few days ago. Now the green light on charging box stays green, and my battery voltage is reading 33 volts but beeps saying its dead. Is this my BMS? ive spent the last two months building my board rode it a few times now having this issue. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which battery you have? 6s, 10s,12s or something else? Did you measure the voltage of each individual pack? They all have the same voltage?

Mines a 10 s and haven’t checked individual.

Sounds like a dead BMS. I had similar symptoms recently and swapping the BMS solved it. Do you have someone you could borrow one to check?

No unfortunately not but I was thinking it was the bms.

Can you by pass the bms

yes you can bypass the bms, but it´s highly recommended to first check the individual pack voltages to make sure no any of your packs got out of blance.

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Ok thanks I’m new to electrical and just been learning and teaching myself. So any knowledge I can pick up is good and appreciate all the help.

there could be different reasons why your charger not charging. your charger is broke, your bms is broke, or something wrong with some cells in your pack. if something wrong with your cells, than the bms stop charging them up. if the bms is faulty then your charger also can´t charge the cells up and if the charger is broke…than nu… than your charger is broke :sweat_smile: i would start meassure each of the 10 packs. if one is out of the row than you need to change this pack most likely. if all packs have the same voltage (by ±0.1V) than you can bypass your bms to check if the charger start charging your pack up. if that´s the case than it´s definitly your bms and you need to swap the bms out.

Is your charger plugged into the wall?

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You joke about this, but I have a charger that is broken – it won’t charge – unless you plug it into the skateboard first, then plug the charger into the wall.

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Before swapping bms and cells and whatnot, are you sure you get a good connection between charger and charge plug when plugging in the charger to your board?

Sometimes it’s the simplest things…

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that´s definitly a good point to check first! we just had one guy here on the weekend where the charging port was boken and that was the reason why the charger didn´t charged anymore.

Happened to me as I got a new charger that wouldn’t turn red. Standard 2.1/5.5, but still had to push it in with some force to get it to start charging.

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I’ve checked all connnections and they’re all good and tried plugging it into the board first then the wall that didn’t work. Tried almost everything but checking the individual packs.

It looks like it wants to turn red when I plug it in for a split second but then just stays green.

And do I need to take the entire battery apart to know what type of bms? I know either way I’ll have to to put in the new one but don’t want to do extra work if not needed.

plug in the charger (wall and charging port) Than measure the voltage on the back site of the charging port. Do you measure some voltage there?

i dont have my multi meter with me and hoping to grab it later in the day. I will let you know my outcome appreciate the support and hospitality.

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It’s time for me to go to bed :sweat_smile: Post your results non the less. If nobody will answer you i‘ll have a look in the morning :wink: