Battery options for beginning builders

So I decided I’m going to build my own electric skateboard this summer, and I’ve been lurking around here, and I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty solid idea of what I want, how to build my board with one main exception. The battery. Originally I was thinking of going with this DIYeboard 10s5p, but I’ve seen some people express issues with quality. The advantage of that would be that I already have an enclosure made for the battery, all I have to do is slap in a vesc and I’m good to go. Another option is to build a battery with LiPos, since I don’t have the equipment or skills necessary to build a Li-ion battery. The problem with LiPos is that I am a beginner, and the consensus on LiPos seems to be that they can be dangerous if not dealt with properly, and I’m not sure if going with LiPos on my first build is such a good idea. The other issue is I’m not sure what I would do about an enclosure, although I don’t think that will be that big of a deal if I do decide to go with LiPos. My final option would be to buy this VRUZEND battery kit. Does anyone have any experience with these? Any advice on this would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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A spot welder can be made with around £40 materials

There’s many options

Car battery spot welder Microwave spot welder The “boss” spot welder