Battery pack 10s3p


I need a battery pack 18650 10s3p with BMS integrated but with the minimum thickness, maximum 20mm Where can I find a reliable store to ship to europe?

Thank you!

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its 36mm thick

Check out unikboards. They have quality stuff.

edit sorry it says France only. I’ll leave it here though.

Diyeboards do them I think but they are double staked so you might have to do a bit of DIY yourself not sure if it’s possible someone must of done it

I considered it but went for 10s5p , its looks 1 high

(shipping takes to uk max 30 days for battery stuff from there)

Are they all the same as diyeboard? Here is half cheap.

Just dropping this here from another topic.

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They took the battery pack item out temporarily. I believe they were overloaded with orders and will need for parts to come in. Email them for a quote.

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what was your experience with diyeboard? How much did you pay for taxes and customs? Thanks!

I’ve never payed any taxes/customs from diyeboard (either in mech or battery packages) - that is to UK