Battery pack buy advice


I contacted a local battery builder to make me that 10s4p battery. So far to me it looks Allright. It uses second hand e bike batteries (Sanyo NCR18650ga). He showed me a picture that displays the total batteries capacity using his imax b6. I have no idea how those things work.

He only used a normal welder, not a spot welder. What do you have to look out for when buying a battery like this?

By the way the Bms balance cables still need to be soldered on, he is doing that right now, we have had a small miscommunication Here are some pictures IMG-20180822-WA0001IMG-20180821-WA0001IMG-20180819-WA0002

Ga cells have high capacity but low power (10 amps) 10s4p= 40 continuous amps. Not bad…Not good either. Those are a good choice for ebikes. I wouldn’t use them for esk8 at least not 4p. Well… For what is worth they are good cells.

I don’t think I will run more than 40 amps. My are is very non hilly and I’ve heard people say they only draw 40 when they go up a very steep hill. Usually it’s around 20 amps

In that case should be fine. 14 amps will let you ride for a long time.