Battery pack thread - SHARE YOUR TIPS, TRICKS, FAILS ETC

Watching this thread. Things I wanna learn.


Was going to make a thread like this the other day so yeah. Good idea

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Maybe as idea people could also give a short information about there materials they used and why in which dimension. Maybe even with a link where to get legit stuff. I think here for example about nickel strips or fuse wires. If it goes to cell level fusing for example it could be helpful.

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That’s a pretty good idea. If you got fake fish paper (just normal paper) that could (most likely will) cause the battery pack to start a fire.

The same with nickel strips. I guess it will not fire up but start to get rusty. So if there is already tested once like from nkon, it would save some money for people who just want to order.

Just did some testing. I took some fish paper from Aliexpress and eu.nkon and tried litting it on fire. It took 16 seconds before the fish paper from Aliexpress got on fire and 41 seconds to lit the fish paper from eu.nkon on fire. My conclusion is that the fish paper from Aliexpress is fake. It also feels much more ruff than the fish paper from eu.nkon. If anyone disagree then please share your thoughts.




Wow ok, theres no real way of knowing whats real from China

Ordered from Ali too some weeks ago. Guess I’ll need to make that test too when it arrived…it’s not that big money but shitty again to wait for new delivery

I am going to order some fishpaper from taobao, this item has 700 reviews no negatives. So I will be seriously surprised if its bad

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The stuff from Ali only has 360. Can’t find it on TaoBao. Would you mind sharing the link?

Theres loads on taobao, one of which have the same pictures as ali so I will avoid that.

And then I think I choose this

Hey all, new to the ESK8 scene and have run into a few hiccups when it comes to making my battery. I want to make my battery custom because its fun to learn about and I want to document the building process and possibly showcase the build / process.

The main problem is that I don’t have a spot welder to make my battery pack as nice as I want it to be. This adds a large cost to my build, and would essentially force me to build a single-drive rather than a double. I thought I found a solution when I found Vruzend selling solder-less battery pack kits, but making a battery pack with those makes the battery pack very wide and will prevent me from using my enclosure of choice.

Batteries: Enclosure: Battery Pack will be 10s3p, making it as flat as possible.

Kind of split as to how I should go about this. Is the spot welder worth it? Should I find a different enclosure / pack configuration? Is making a custom battery adding too much extra hassle? Any info is appreciated.

Hey guys

Here is my contribution, it is one of those “ask me how I know this” If you want to squeeze your pack into tight places, make sure you measure twice :slight_smile: And keep your wires routed neatly


Fast shipping source for 22mm heat shrink sleeve is ebay Sourcing from China cuts the cost in ~half

Enjoy, Dani


Welcome :slight_smile:

First I would get some Samsung 30Q instead of the Samsung 25R. They got more capacity and I’m pretty sure they got less voltage sack.

When it comes to the spot welder it depends on if you are going to build more than one battery. If you got a car battery or old microwave you can make it into a spot welder and save a lot of money. It’s going to take some more time and you need to do a lot of research if you build the battery yourself.

I guess you live and the US and there is a lot of people selling esk8 parts. You could get a custom made enclosure but that will cost more than the one from DIYEBOARD.

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Thanks for the reply! This helps a lot, especially with the enclosures. I think I’ll pull the trigger on a spot welder to help in future projects. Two follow-up questions though:

Do 30Q’s diminish top speed? Range is more important to me (aiming for 15 - 25 mi) but I’d like a board that goes over 15 mph minimum.

Also is this site ( the best place to get these batteries? These are the best price I could find them.

PS: The Chi Battery link doesn’t work. Maybe there website is down currently :confused:

Thanks again!

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I don’t think it diminishes the top speed. The voltage (10s or 12s) determines the speed. You will definitely have a higher top speed than 15 mph with 10s. You can use this site to see range and speed. I don’t know if you are able to get that range with dual motor but with single you should be able to.

You can get the batteries here for $4.5 when you order more than 24.


Yea okay. When working with positives and negatives next to each other that can potentally short make sure to insulate one of the sides.


Otherwise it WILL short.



Im thinking about putting kapton tape here to prevent the battery from shorting in case a nickel strip gets loose and touches another one or something else happening. Im concerned about if the battery would get too hot? What do you think? Any other ideas?

pictures from @TinnieSinker IMG_20181005_132854




That Kapton will surely not cause the cells to overheat…

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I’ve seen a few where the entire pack is wrapped thick with kapton tape instead of using heat shrink, that gives me concerns about heat. But also I think the ‘heat proof’ part is more about withstanding heat than preventing it from going through the tape

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