Battery packs and custom boards

After so many pms I have decided it’s easier just to have one major post I will be making batteries and selling custom boards for the average builder. Currently I will offer 10s configurations if you want a different voltage let me know and I will see if I can accommodate. My boards will be designed completely off your budget and I can do single and dual drive hub or belt drive trains

A few boards I’ve built are posted below along with batteries

One of these is just sporting my battery but was rebuilt by the customer

These prices will vary based on cells used I currently offer 25r, lghg2, lghe4, lghe2, 30q, and Basen 26650 10s 3p $350 10s 4p $400 10s 5p $450

The battery powered above was done in electrical tape not heatshrink just because of customer preference it does however provide good insulation, I should also mention I use 10awg single core copper wire on top of the nickel strip for better current flow which is included in the price. I use silicone to mount them to enclosure and use rubber sealant on enclosures for weather proofing, these enclosures were not done by me but I will offer my own potentially in the future

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maybe show some examples of boards you’ve built, batteries you’ve built, and prices?

And where are you located?

best of luck!

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Feel free to ask any questions about whatever

Couple updated photos of recent work

Last night was repairs some more work