Battery packs in the UK?

Hey, UK people, where are you getting your battery packs from for your builds? I want to do a build/assemble, but can’t find anywhere in the UK that supplies battery packs or makes them to order. Trying to avoid import tax and duty.

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@darkkevind used to build packs but i believe his schedule is quite busy but maybe he can send you in some other direction, if he cant help u himself

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I can ship to the UK :slight_smile:


I’m currently building a 10s3p 30q with a bestech BMS with eswitch. It’s £250 which seems like a lot but the BMS was 60 shipped!IMG_20180808_192728


PWRboards. Got mine from there after cancelling my Kevin Dark one after waiting over 2 months.

Quick, extremely helpful and well made.


Building the same thing.

Cells £100 BMS $40 Spot welder £50 Nickel $5 Kapton $2 Fishpaper £1 Silicone gun £5 PCB - not bought yet but £20 ish but can make 4 packs from it

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Awesome. I will send you an email via your website.

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I like the list. Is the £50 welder the arduino one? I’m seriously considering moving to pcb soon but it’s extra width in all

Just a manual button switch for now. Don’t plan on upgrading since I think its pretty easy to use manually.

I was talking about this -

The added thickness is very minimal, considering that some bms are like 22mm thick I dont think it matters if you add a little thickness to the cells

Fair enough yeah. More PCB is less padding though for non stacked BMS builds