Battery packs - no spot welder or solder required

Probably, it always dies really fast… and in a controlled environment (bench test) unloaded it’s fine… it’s run forever… as soon as it’s under load is when everything goes wonky

Those 80c temps normal? Or is that erroneous?

I don’t even know tbh I don’t know what normal temps are or even should be…

This is my 1st board and when I compress I get one good long(ish) ride out of it then every ride after that gets shorter and shorter… I’m about to say screw it and buy a spot welder (or find someone I the states to make me a pack) and use my vape to discharge the cells to a uniform level and then build my pack and charge em up

@E1Allen i sandwiched the cells with 1/2" teflon and it works way bettery… i couldnt even run the battery down today

Sweet! I’d open the box and see how it’s holding up every few times you ride

i used washers w/ lock washers and nylon bolts lol i dont see it going anywhere but, yea i nitced nothing is fool proof in the world of esk8

What’s it look like now? You’re right. It’s probably not moving anymore

looks a lot neater, i rerouted cabes and what not… and when my phone charges a bit i can take pics but im getting to the point that i want to make a flat pack and find someone to help me prototype my suspension mountainboard hubs