Battery PCB were to get

Hi how are u all?

I wonder we’re I can get so called battery PCB I plan on make 1s4p/5p packs. We’re do u get em from? In EU?

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Maybe you have to look in the US. We had @Kug3lis and @Martinsp selling these cell pcbs in the EU but both retired them.

Ernesto sells them

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I have 3p ones if that’s any use…

I’ve got a battery on route w the pcbs for four cells in parallel from thatguythere but having seen blastos version I’m hooked on designing a four p twelve s version and see what prices come back. W flexible pcb material or maybe a cheaper dual density pcb it seems an easier safer faster way to make a battery with flex. I’ll write back with a price on them for bulk and try to get u in

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@hummie if this is all about your Kickstarter why don’t you get a community member that can make you p packs?

Like consistently and in the US?

The four p pcb is good and plan to sell with those but if came up with something else could try it. One pcb could be better. I’ll post a design and people who’ve done a lot of welding hopefully could say something.

Yeah meant p packs using the PCB…

Better then getting them from china if that was your plan.

The four cell p packs are awesome n maybe just do them but for sure one pcb be faster and more reliable Less failure possible. Take less room. Maybe cheaper. What’s there not to like.


I’m planning on makeing/selling one piece pcb based batteries starting after the summer just got to get a pcb designed and tested.

Haha you sound as far along as me. It should be easy. There’s design programs n not too hard n will make a version tonight. I think the crucial thing is the thickness of the traces. Sixty amp continuous rating while in a box seems reasonable. The fourpack pcbs are pretty nice but w the single pcb it would surely be much safer with no possible cells bumping.

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im getting prices at like 5 bucks each with shipping for 6s4p pcbs with two through holes if we get maybe 100! Total of ten bucks for a flexible, somewhat proven connection method which greatly simplifies and speeds up building.



I would be interested in purchasing couple.