Battery Problems - Help needed

Hey guys,

So i have been driving my first build for a few weeks now with no problems so far, but when I started riding this morning I noticed that the board was super weak, like if it had no battery left, but I had charged it to 98% last night. First thing I did was check the battery indicator which now said 45%, so it somehow lost half its charge, even though I was just lightly cruising on flat ground. Shortly after it barely helped at all and I started kicking. When i came back home I checked the Battery voltage in the bldc tool and it says 30.2 Volts. I have a 8S1P 8000mAh battery. When I plugged in my SkyRc e8 charger, it does not even want to charge my batteries anymore, no matter how often I replug it. I thought maybe the batteries are too low, so I went outside and did some regenerative breaking, which to my surprise brought up the battery indicator from 45% to 75% in about 2 minutes – Isn’t that odd?! But even then, the charger won’t charge my batteries anymore.

Is this a really bad voltage sag? What can I do to troubleshoot? I don’t have a voltage meter but I could get one from a store if needed.

Thanks guys!

Nope, That battery is dead. I had a bad 16000Mah which looked fine but after a single charge one of the cells dropped conciderbly. recharged, re rode, the cell dropped to 0V. It sounds like you have something simmilar, Id get a refund and get another, just a bad battery.

Ok short update:

I went down the local hill which brought the battery indicator up to 84% and the bldc tool says 31.9 volts and heeeeey the charger is charging again! But seriously … something is very wrong … ? I am clueless.