Battery question new set up What is the best

Hi everyone I want to test a new configuration for my battery like see pictures the red think will be a wire 12 gauche and the connection for the 4 cell will be 2 nickel strips one 0.20 and one 0.15 8mm I’m wondering if I need to add more nickel strips Let me know what you think image

Normally I building my pack like this but take time with the new configuration I will win some time image

And witch on is the best for you

Thank you

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The second picture is how you should build a pack. Should the center divider ever break down, it’s no big deal as they electrically touch already. The top will work, but needs a lot of insulation and makes a bulky and short prone pack.

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Yes is the configuration I use all the time but I was thinking do the first one for win some time Thank you

ive done both, top (which is a diagram I made btw, hehe) is more convenient, but yes you have to insulate the two halves very carefully.

bottom is not my preference as I don’t like folding nickel.

but either works.

top one requires more caution.