Battery Question - What powersupply size for 10s3p Battery Pack?


My battery charger just died on me. It has a 42v Output.

Can someone just clarify for me do I need to get another 42v Output battery charger for my battery? or will a reduced voltage one work. Battery is a Battery - 10s3p Battery Pack

Here is a link to my build-

Thanks! Alex

You need a 42v charger for a 42v battery. You can increase the Amps of the charger if wanted to get faster charging but I wouldn’t go more than 4a considering I don’t know what cells or bms or wire gauge used on the charging side

Thanks mate.

I am in Aus, and the local electronics chain doesn’t stock 42v . Ebay it is. :slight_smile:


You could also have a look on AliExpress it will take a bit longer but the prices are much better imo. You can even opt for faster shipping which is usually reasonable too

Here’s one I’d be getting to replace my charger when it dies.

You will have to state the plugs you want attached, I think it is plug D and ask if they have the correct barrel jack for your battery, otherwise you might have to solder on a new connector.

There are also plenty of 2a chargers for about $10