Battery question

I have been going through the posts on the forum and I’m basically lost. I am trying to build a list of suitable batteries for my first build.

I would like the following from the battery Slim profile to mount on the underside of the board. High capacity for long range 14 miles + High Performance for high speed.

What is the best i can get? i have read 10s 4p is the way to go but i have been going through alibaba looking for batteries and i can’t settle on anything suitable. I want to build a kick ass board. What batteries does Enertion and Evolve use? I will be using dual FOCBOX controllers and dual motors (to be decided which). All help is appreciated. Im based in UK.


your best bet is to slow down a bit…do some more studying on batteries and how to put them together…and build your own pack using li-ion cells.

some use lipos used for RC applications but i won’t touch on that here since i’ve never used them (and there are arguments on why they should be avoided).

going this route will take longer, but knowing how to build your own pack will be indispensable going forward since you’ll be able to fix and extend your power in the future.

to start, the most common li-lion cells used for esk8 are samsung 25r, samsung 30q, and lg hg2. these cells have a high discharge rate which is necessary since the motors used in esk8 applications draw a lot of current (in amps).

since you’re going for a 10s4p pack, you will need 40 of these cells. once you have them, you’d string them together in particular configuration to make your 10s4p pack.

once that’s done, please consider balance charging them through a balance charger or with a bms (battery management system).

there are great posts for each of these steps here on the board, if you have problems finding them i can send you some links. just try googling first though.

What do you think of this pack?

that actually looks like a pretty reasonable pack. if you can get it for that price.

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Shipping will probably be another $75 - $100. But it looks like it has decent specs.

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i will enquire and let you know. Thanks for the reassurance its a good pick. What range and performance should this be capable of on a dual motor board?

Specs say that it can discharge only 40A continuous which isn’t enough for dual drive. I don’t recommed.

I haven’t been able to find an 18650 based pack that outputs more. any suggestions?

If you have the money, you can try the LiiNiCoAlO2 (the same batteries that Tesla use in their cars if I remember correctly :stuck_out_tongue:)

Jokes aside, the pack that you linked above seems like a decent pack.

I think that you can’t find any from alixpress or any other cheap places. You have to ask from some battery supplier or some body from here to make a battery pack for you if you don’t have equipments.

Most of us use 10s4p made of 25R or 30Q cells which can discharge aprox 80A continuous. Your range will be terrible due to massive voltage sag.

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well that killed my enthusiasm for the day :frowning: it seems everything i do to get this project off the ground hits a roadblock.

Usually these roadblocks are avoidable with bigger budget, but if you want to go cheap route you have to be creative.

25R can discharge 20A and 10s is 10 in series (10x3.6=36V) and 4p is 4 in parrallel (4x20A=80A)

I’m not trying to go the cheap route. I’m trying to go the not having to build it myself and burn down the house route

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Ok where are u located?

UK, that pack says max 80A discharge.

Max PEAK discharge. Look at continuous. Pack of 25Rs can peak disharge 200A for 5 second if you watch specs.

50A but that doesn’t matter. It’s about performance. You batteries will drain faster if you stress them at 100% all the time. With higher discharge batteries you don’t have to stress them so much which mean for example better range and lifetime.

i have looked at the specs on the site for the pack and the individual cells have 8c discharge the same as the ones you describe.

Cell: 3.7V 2500mAh 18650 8C

You should email them and ask what cells they use. And why they say it’s made of 20A capable cells, but specs say it can only disharge 40A.

i have emailed them, I will report back. They may be able to build the pack with the samsung cells. I will ask.

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