Battery Readout with Flipsky Dual 4.20+?

Hi guys, I recently upgraded to a Flipsky dual + 4.20 VESC with the built in anti-spark switch and I realized I have nowhere to connect my battery monitor anymore. It is just two wires that are meant to be connected to the positive and negative sides of the battery after the anti-spark switch so that it can measure battery charge percentage while the board is turned on.

Does anyone know if this is still possible? Are there two pins that’ll give me the battery voltage after the integrated switch or is there some other solution? How do other people get their battery charge when using this VESC? If it helps, I have the 10s2p Meepo ER battery and this battery indicator:

Just check the battery on the remote.

This is my remote:

It has no screen or UART capabilities and I haven’t changed it because I like the size and feel of it.

Is there a way to get a battery readout some other way? Maybe to my phone at least? I do have a VESC Bluetooth module that I’m not using

Why not connect it to the battery directly, before the anti-spark?

If I do that, then the battery meter is always on, even if the skateboard is off.

There are no facilities in the FlipSky Dual 420 Pro for a voltmeter. There are voltmeters that have a on off switch though.

That’s unfortunate. I’ll check out the battery meter with a switch, thanks!

Is there an app that can read out the battery voltage as a percentage? I know the VESC app can give you voltage but it’d be nice not having to convert that every time

The discharge voltage of lithium-ion is far from linear, and thus not suited well for capacity measurement. That’s why VESC for example does actually measure the used energy to determine the remaining one.

I’m aware of the nonlinearity. I was looking for something can map the battery voltage to percentage like in this chart:


automatically with an app so I don’t constantly have to look back at the table and can just get a percentage readout instead of voltage

Nothing beats the direct capacity measurement that an ESC like VESC can do.

I’m willing to sacrifice some accuracy for convenience

There should be percentage in app.

Or just look up Davega X display module.

Older version can be bought from flipsky.

Best data screen ever, in my opinion

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Wait, this is awesome! I think I’ll try and integrate that onto the top of my board, thanks!

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And so, within the blink of an eye - the sacrifying ends :slight_smile:

BTW, precisely what I missed also for my vehicle.