Battery run time

Is it possible to get a battery that will last for an hour and get me 6 or 7 miles?

Of course! What’s your system like? Your esc, motor, dual drive? , voltage? A lot of us get over 20 and sometimes 30 miles

Im running alien 42mm 300kv motors dual drive with dual vesc

83mm wheels and a 15t to 32tooth gearing

Do u think 6s would work???

If you choose to go 6s (22.2v), my calculator says you should have a theoretical top speed of 30mph. If you got 12s, you would be pushing 60mph, again theoretically. Range is dependent on the capacity of the battery. Typically you get 1km per 10Wh. So say you went with dual 6s 8,000mAh batteries. Wired in series: 12S 8ah = 44.V x 8 = 355Wh. Wired in parallel: 6S 16Ah = 22.2V x 16 = 355Wh. Either way you would be looking at about 30km and some change. All kinds of factors will affect the real world results you get.

damn those are amazing numbers what calculator are u using? Ive personally had trouble calculating dual motor setup

This is the calculator for top speed. The range is a rough calculation discovered by the community. Typically dual motors will only add a little bit to the top end. The real benefit of dual motors is double the traction and double the torque for hill climbs.

Nice haha too bad i didnt ask three months ago when I was still trying to calculate this

I have my 149kv on 12S with 5000mah battery. I am on a stupid stupid config of a 20T to 36T config. Top speed of 27mph with weight, ive tested. Since my top speed is so high, when I run a really low speed i can get really darn far. I ride 3-4 miles with hills all the time and batteries wont go below 3.9volts per cell.

You may not get the same results as you have a lot more speed and a lot less torque than I do. Buuutttttt having that high speed has shown me a longer distance at 20mph than the 12T to 36T (top speed of 15mph) did at 15mph. So… 12S you will get crazy good distance, but good luck keeping it at a low speed. Also since its 12S you would have that punch compared to 6S. 300kv motor is an interesting one. Do 12S, do it for science!!!

haha well my only problem with the lower kv is that it will cost more with the vescs and I have a $500 budget

normally 1 hour and 6 - 7 mile range you will need 6s 5000mah for single motor setup from 149kv - 270kv. Hence any quantities of batteries voltage and or amphours larger than this number would get what you want (considering you have 2 motors, might be 6s 6000mah and or 8000mah to begin with).

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whoahh ! that far ?

my dual setup consumes alot of juice and climbing and braking took me abt 12km or so . never did really measure .

Oh yea for sure I have a dual drive and get 20 miles or so. Dual drives are only about 1/3 less range than single drives with the same batteries.

@gamma2 answered it better than i would

yes 6s is fine! as long as you are okay with the speed then you dont need a 12s system. Personally i run 6s because im not all into speed as much as i am into range. Try and at least use 16 amp hours, 22.2 volts thatll get you ~16-18 miles (approximation).

I aprreciate your help would it be okay with you if I put one of your builds in my blog. All the credit would go to you.

Yea that’s fine! I have a new build which I’m making a thread about very soon I’m almost done

Now I have dual hub motor this run time is highly reduced, similar to @barajabali said. Reduced about 1/3 time although hub motor have less rolling resistance, it’s still rolling resistance compared to free wheels. I guess the only different in belt drive vs hub drive is the rolling resistance when out of battery. My big capacitor for no reason really help improve the run time alot.

Hey guys looking for tips from more seasoned builders here, wondering if running a dual setup draws twice the power or if it would conserve my energy with less work in each motor to pull weight

It doesn’t, the load is shared. I get around 15-16 Wh/mile on a dual 5065 with 97s and around 25-26Wh/mile with evolve AT wheels.

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