Battery safety and cheap Batteries


I have gotten multiple messages of people asking me to build batteries for them and trying to get a 10s2p battery for 140$ or a 12s3p battery for 220$ , stating they can get them at that price in China. I cannot with good consciousness build a Battery with cheap components that will most likely fail. Can some people please weigh in and state their minimums for safety.(cell current draw(mine is 20a under 4p), Bms’s used and minimum Nickel for series connections.


That’s a hard question to answer it depends on the battery? Those prices are based on cheap batteries that will not last, quality batteries are built with top of the line nickel,bms, and other components, please elaborate on your question a bit

Considering you can get 20 Samsung 25R cells or similar for around 50USD + shipping from, $140 for a full pack doesn’t seem that unreasonable

With quality components it is they often come with fake nickel strips, bypassed or cheap bms and no switch

Samsung 25R’s have proven to not be the best choice for Eskate batteries. Too saggy. But even if they where good batteries, what about the cost of other materials involved, the cost of equipment and the cost of labor and warranty.

So I am actually baffled that I can order the batteries from nkon to the US so far I have always ordered from IMR.

Hi, yeah I’v noticed that this community focuses on cheap over safe if you want to sell packs try and market to regular people not e-skatebuilders who think labor is worth nothing. Also they are most likely trying to low ball you just tell them to get it from china where you will spend way more then a couple $100 in shipping and customs.

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25Rs were just an example. Other cells like 30Qs, and LG variants are in the same price range

It’s not about cost of cells guys if you actually want someone to do something you have to make it worth there while. Like if he lives in a expensive city why would he wast his time making you something for less then he can get working a minimum wage job.

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let’s look at available packs for purchase now, ie diy’s 12s4p pack.

it’s $450, this includes:

48 x 30q cells ($4.5 per) voltmeter ($10) 2a charger ($30) 30a bms ($30) enclosure ($30?) accessories ($20?)

it comes to about $340 in material cost. so final cost is almost a 25% markup for labor and additional materials.

and this cost is at scale, so for individual builders it’ll probably mean more time to build out a pack.

so unless the buyer is willing to fork out the cash for build quality, have them go china to get a questionable pack.

i quoted someone $300 for a 12s2p pack and got the same response.

either way, none of us are getting rich making packs anyway, it’s just too labor and materials intensive.


Yep well said just save up and pay the man or if you can’t afford it save up till you can it would be worth it

Not to mention many now complain about the height of that battery and switch touching the ground problems, all of which are remedied by a custom battery

Figure ide chime in, I make battery packs for local pickup only, no shipping. This aspect alone is a big time/money consumer when factoring cost of selling a pack, dealing with shipping issues/damage, things not arriving working are all problems I never have to encounter. Also I don’t stock cells or BMS just assembly materials. On avg I charge about $100 for a 40 cell pack, you provide cells and BMS if you want and I provide everything else, you come to pickup the battery, you see that it works, take it home and use it. Can even have it ready in 24hrs if you want, assuming all materials on hand

I wouldn’t use anything less than 30q for an esk8 battery.

Too much voltage sag with anything else…

Well, yes and no, it depends what its used for and by who


True, but if you’re an adult anything else has too much sag…