Battery Selection Advice for an Evolve Clone (& some final build pics including a kicktail build)

Hi All,

I recently fried my battery at the last stage of a new build and now I am looking for a replacement battery pack.

Does anyone know where the best place to buy a battery pack is in the UK?

The battery that I just killed was a Alien Power Pack 8S4P that i had used in my last build.

The new build that I was working on was going to be a dual 5065 200kv setup with evolve AT wheels


I never got to test the battery with the dual 5065 motors. However I took it for a short spin when I only had one of the 5065 motors installed, and experienced what I assume to be voltage sag on a very slight incline. As such I was a little concerned that the performance might not increase enough after installing the second motor.

So as I have the opportunity to upgrade the battery pack, is 8S4P still a good configuration for a dual 5065 200kv setup with evolve AT wheels, or should I be looking to upgrade to 10S?P?

Ideally I’d like to buy the same 8S4P battery pack again as I have already cut out the enclosure to match the battery display, power button & charge port. However I worry that it might not be strong enough. Has anyone got an option on whether 8S4P is a big enough battery for this setup?

Anyway, thanks for reading my thread and here is some skateporn of the two builds I was working on before i killed my battery:







Note: my plan was to swaps the battery & enclosure between the two decks depending on what ride style I wanted.


Seeing as you’re UK based it may be worth looking into :smile: good feedback form them so far I think

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Thanks for the replay. Do they sell pre-made packs. My knowledge of battery building is zero and I don’t have any of the tools to make one.

Oh sorry I was under the impression you were looking for cells when you meant batteries. In that case you can ask around maybe a few of the other builders in the UK can put one together for you or you can check Unikboards, They have some packs for sale though they are located in France. I’m not familiar with battery builders in the UK unfortunately.

There’s also alienwarepower that sells them

The dead battery was from Alien Power Systems and the same battery is out of stock on their website. I sent them an email and I’m just waiting on a reply.

Unfortunately Unikboards don’t deliver outside of France.

@darkkevind does packs in the uk

Hi, yeah I’m not so busy now… I could do this for you :+1:

I don’t just do upgrades for Evolve’s, I do before packs too…


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