Battery sellers in Europe

Hi! I ordered a battery from a couple of weeks ago and has now decided to do a refund on the battery (they have a lot to do right now, other parts are still being shipped, great service!). I would like a complete pack with bms and 30q or sanyo cells. had them until this morning I think, I was simply too slow… So, are there any other battery vendors out there, or someone that can build a battery for me?

Thank you in advance!

1 Like contact him over email and tell him what you need if he dosnt have the pack you need on the website :slight_smile:

I’m sure @koralle can you help you out too!

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I forgot his forum handle, but he is in here somewhere

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^^ @e.board_solutions ^^

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you have nkon, is a netherland company

@darkkevind and i are battery builders too, i can build you one, but i have some waiting time too, it´s summer and everyone wants one :wink:

Yeah sorry, I have a wait time of at least 40 days right now too…

Unfortunately too many batteries to build for people and only one me :confused:

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@e.board_solutions :wink:

EDIT: I saw @BoostedBuilder reply too late…

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or you just buy the batteries and get some N.E.S.E modules from @agniusm

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I bought batteries(nkon) and a €100 spotwelder from aliexpress, works like a charm:sunglasses:


Thanks for all of your suggestions! I have ordered a battery from pwrboards now, very quick response and great service from them!

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