Battery short.. Need a little advice

Just finished welding my batteries and realized that the last nickel strips were put on a bit off (wrong diagonal direction) … So I decided to pull them off since it would make the battery pack too bulky. As I am pulling the strip off with some force (welds were too good!) the nickel cuts into the edge of one of the 30 q’s and it’s shorted for like a 10th of a second. Battery voltage or the 4 parallel is still the same as before the short circuit. I need some advice on what to do now! Should I order a new single battery or do you think this is still fine. Feeling a bit down now :sob:

Should still be fine I wouldn’t ship one out to a customer after that but it’s up to you at most it will not operate like the other cells in the long run

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Thanks. I Kaptoned it down and hope it didn’t take too much damage. Hopefully my hand took most of the beating :smile: Nickel cut my hand and finger tip got a burn

I would definitely replace the cell but if your not then you should at least remove it from the group and check its voltage separately. One thing to consider though is that there is a thin layer of insulation separating the positive center from the negative edge on these type of batteries. If that insulation ring is damaged and it looks like it might be, then your taking a risk trying to use that cell.

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As someone who’s shorted their pack and burnt an xacto blade in half, my pack still worked fine after that. Though YMMV.

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Insulation rings cost pennies and save cells


Yes I know… Ordered those from AliExpress but they never got here. Wasn’t meant to be :wink:

Are you in the US?

Just get em liionwholesale imrbatteries

Oh you’re in sweden

I can throw a couple stamps on a sheet and toss it in the mailbox :wink:


I’ll take some @scepterr

If you pm me your address I’ll send you a sheet. If you want more this is where I get them, You can chat with the seller here,

Thanks man

Thanks a lot guys, and @scepterr, very generous and kind of you. I decided to move on and finish the pack. Fingers crossed. Balance wires and voltages checked. Pack is called “Kapton love” lol

Hello there. Just setup an account here. I’m the seller of 18650 Heat Shrink, Dual Purpose Insulators, and cell clips. @scepterr mentioned there was a need for assistance. I will do my best to help.


Welcome to the forum @Toochi84 :slight_smile:

Do u have a storefront or anything where we could see what you’ve got?

That’s my main page on eBay.

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