Battery Soldering Service EU

even if he throws it around like a baseball, a properly insulated and packaged battery will not be damaged the slightest amount

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dude i’ve seen things here, just don’t ask.

i do surely stuff every package with massive amounts of paper/plastic air pillows, everything from the battery is insulated with tape, the cables get shrink tube, every metal surface gets insulated.

but still, i do not trust these fvckers

Do not put your name on the package, boom solved


I mean if it burns down a vehicle who will know what package caused it?


If it can fuck itself up, its not done good obviously

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i like that idea haha[1]


Next battery i did.

Ready cells


Whats the advantage of soldering compared to spotwelding?

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None in my opinion after see this video, my pack I did it soldering. Never again!

Aside note I like your soldering skills

Hehe, looks good :slight_smile:

this is like the baddest example of soldering batterys.

this iron, jeez, got like 40 watts, the tip he is using is way too small.

i do not know what solder he is using, also he is doing it completely wrong…

i mean, look at this: 08

like what the heck, for sure he doesnt get any tin on the cell…

he says: “but my solder iron is not as large as his”

LOOK AT THIS, LOOK AT THIS TINY IRON - this doesnt even have more than 20W

the smaller the tip, the lower the wattage, the more time is needed to heat up the solder.

the bigger the tip, the bigger the heat capaticity, the bigger the power of the iron, the better the heat output of the iron.

the heat transfer should be quick and strong - this is physics. if i roast the cell with a small iron, the cell will become cruelly hot - for sure.

okay its official, i hate this guy so much. spreading bullshit on the internet.

@laurnts with soldering you have a way bigger contact area and the current is not flowing through 2-6 tiny welds, the battery will get warmer. also, if one cell is damaged, you can easily replace them.

8mm x.15mm nickel = aprox 6amps for nickels trips.

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@pjotr47 Maybe check a soldering machine aswell? :wink:

Its worse than spot welding, slower, more expensive…

i do not see me expensiver than guys doing welded cells :thinking:

i need for a pack around 2-3hrs with everything set up.

just elaborate why it is worse than spotwelding, please?

Theres much more heat, chance of solderblobs, and how solder isnt expensive, comparing it to welding Also IMO its much easier to weld a cell than solder it

Im not saying its shit and it doesnt work as good im just saying the same thing can be achived easier/better

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this is correct but a good soldering work will not heat the cell up that it takes damage

wrong usage of the soldering iron

i pay about 10€ for 250G which is enough for about 5-6 batterys

this is right, but for welding you’ll need also experience

the cons of welding: very thin material of about 0.2mm, mostly nickel, has a much higher resistance than copper e.g., also it will heat more up because of the thickness.

it is an permanent bonding which can only be loosened by destroying the joint.

the current flows through 4-6 little welded spots

i am no saying welding isn’t as good as soldering but they both do have to pros or cons.


Next one: