Battery Spark/short circuit?

So I started working on my build today, and just to test for my LiPo battery mAh, I took my multi meter, set it to the Amps function, and put each end to their respective sides on the LiPo. After a couple seconds, there was no information on the multimeter. Suddenly I saw a spark and I jumped back and took the multi meter off of it. Did I just short circuit the battery or does this usually happen?

You likely blew the fuse on your multimeter. You don’t measure amps the same way you measure volts. Volts are measured in parallel, amps are measured in series.

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What I’m not liking here is the fact it took “a couple of seconds” to blow the fuse. As said before to measure amps you put the meter in series. So you have to brake a connection and put the meter in series. An ampmeter has very low resistance as to not suppose a current waste by it self. So yes you shorted the battery, or you shouldn’t if at all a fuse had been blown in the meter

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maybe you shorted the battery, and if you want to get a new one, you can come here and choose a new one usb dongle logger