Battery Spot Welding Plan OK?


I’m welding my batteries ready for when mine arrives, but I could really do with some help/advice.

My current plan is spot welding 1x 12mm by 0.15mm nickel strip across 6 cells on each side. Then solder 5 12 awg silicone cables between two new strips, then spot weld those strips on top of the first ones, linking two packs, then repeating for all the packs. This theoretically minimises the heat going to the cells but still gives the strength of the silicone cables. These would then make a U shape over the battery dividers.

Any issues/problems with this before I start?

My second area of concern is battery insulation. I have some 150mm heatshrink I will double wrap each pack with, should I also use double sided foam tape to attach to the battery enclosure? Or will resting on foam pads be good enough? Should I use fish paper instead?

Thanks! :smiley:

make some simple drawings in MSPaint or your choice of programm, makes it easier to understand. letting the battery rest on foam pads doesnt sound that good, they will move around alot and if you crash even a light crash they will move.



My sincerest apologies for crappy drawing :frowning:

Top left is the battery layout in the enclosure. Right is the arrangement of connecting wires between packs. Bottom left is how the wires will go around enclusure segments.


ok just as i thought. i think 5 series connections seems like overkill but doesnt hurt i guess. i think you don’t need to use fishpaper since the enclosure is for every P group right?

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The 5 wires are overkill, but they reduce the load across a given point along the nickel strip.



Unbenannt Are the Packs marked blue seperate or in one enclosure?


Like this? I think 5 12ga wires is over kill for series. I am using 2 12ga silicone wires for it.


that looks awesome. this goes into my ideas folder^^ What material did you use for the enclosure @sender Does it provide flex?


Oh yeah. This is for a lacroix flexible deck/enclosure enclosure. The flex is in the 12ga silicone series connections

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