Battery suggestions for new build

building a single belt drive board with a 6374 192kv motor and a FOCBOX, anyone reccomend any affordable batteries with 10+ miles range? I’ve heard batteries on DIYEboards are not really worth going for due to quality

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You mean battery packs?

Budget? Location? Guessing 10s. Is configuration particularly important Also do you actually need to go 10 miles or is that the actual max range you want. because if you actually need to go 10 miles, you should build to go further so you’re not killing your battery hundred percent to get where you wanna go.


10s2p Minimum 2p. If you can afford more cells go with 3p for less voltage sag


The meepo sanyo battery is only $255. Should work and price isn’t horrible.

I use two 5s 5000mAh turnigy lipos and my max range is 13 miles. They are cheap, too. $35 US each

Edit: I use the exact same setup as your, just with TB VESC 4.12

Diyeboard use lg cells with a low discharge rating. That motor will suck a 10s 2p dry in no time and you might get the range you want but you will end up doing half of it at walking pace. Minimum of 4p is the very least for a 6374 unless you use 30q. If you are going to go 18650 and cheap then use the 10s5p diyeboard set up with the enclosure. It includes the switch and battery indicator. The battery is the heart of the board so the bigger the better and by bigger I mean the amount of cells in parallel. Minimum 4.