Battery to travel 15 miles

Hi everyone. I have a question about the best battery to cover a distance of about 20-30 km (15 miles) 10s3p, 10s4p, 10s5p? My weight is 70 kg, a single motor 6268 190kv, hard terrain without inclinations and 8 "mountainboard I have read many post that the best 18650 are the samsung inr 30q, but I do not find finished packages in European stores. Any recommendations on the type of battery and where to buy? Maybe some user of the forum makes them personalized.

Thank you all

At your weight 10s4p should easily get you there. If you ride sensibly, 10s3p might be good enough too.

You will find it in

I can get about 20km out of my 180wh battery pack riding at around 20km/h. I get less when riding faster, this is on a street board though so you will need more Wh for a mountain board. I would say something around 350-400wh will get you that on a mountain board.

I like this battery pack, could I get that distance with this pack? Any other place where to find something similar?

Thank you very much for your responses!

I’m not sure, didn’t you say you were using a mountainboard? If so I don’t think you will get 30km out of that battery, maybe 20km

Mountainboards make less miles than street urethane builds. Keep that in mind. Also whatever your final calculations are…if you need 22 amps buy 25 because cells lose some capacity over time.

I understood that at least I will need 10s4p What would be the lipo equivalent to this eskating battery?

10s3 can do it but it will be at the upper edges of range for a 3p.

10s4p would be a safer bet

or get yourself some NESE modules from @agniusm or you can get from @e.board_solutions

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