Battery/Voltage Meter Location on Build

I have heard and read several different opinions on where to place the meter on my build. I will have two enclosure about 14" apart. One will contain the Batteries, BMS, and Charging port while the other will contain the two FOCBOX. I would like to place the Meter in the Battery box as it will be between my feet and easier to see but I would like to know what be best. I have already had one of these burn out and would like to avoid this issue on this build.

I’ve started putting them between my feet, it’s the easiest place to see. Get the drok dc8 and you won’t have any doa’s.

Cool deal! I like this idea because I can pull the loop key so they FOCBOX are not powered while charging but still see the voltage percentage on the meter.

Good engineering.

I have put quite a bit of thought into this build and so far it is coming out well. Pm me the pics of your 10x 2s lipo build.

when you solder the leads, make sure they’re as close as possible (electrically, not physically). I burned 2 Drok’s because my leads were too far apart.

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What do you mean?

Solder them so there is the least electrical distance for current to travel from pos to neg. I had my negative on the XT60 after my switch and the positive on my battery positive. It worked, but under heavy load, it burnt out my meter. I now have both on my XT60 and everything’s been great.


Could you take a look and maybe give suggestions then Where to put it, Sry for bad pic

Sorry i cant really tell from the pic, do you have a diagram?

Pos is just after xt60 loop key and neg is between Vesc and bms

I still can’t really tell, but I would just put it on the +/- where the VESC connects to the battery.

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@Jinra i have it connected negative wire the goes into vesc and on positive from keyloop again just before the vesc . should be fine right ?

Probably. I think a lot of people have it hooked up like that. I don’t know how much distance will cause it to burn up exactly. Mine was about 20 cm apart, electrically.

Is there any explanation on why does it burn? Is it the same wire inductance problem as too long wires from battery to ESC? Put a cap on the meter then, should help a bit :slight_smile:

Well if anything i will report back. so far is working just fine for me

Easier to just hook it up correctly. I think it may be something with inductance though. When it burned, my meter shared the same 12 awg line as main power from battery to ESC.