Battery/voltage meter on Hobbywing?

So as the title asks, is it feasible to add a voltmeter to a hobbywing/hobbyking/whatever this esc is? It’s from an Ownboard. I’m semi capable with a soldering iron and have done plenty of wiring thus far so I can modify if necessary. Not looking for a programmable or adjustable meter, in fact I’d prefer to use the one supplied on the battery/esc housing if possible or something similar. Yes my remote displays the battery life but the housing came with it mounted so I’d like to use it. I see on ownboards website they sell the esc with a voltmeter attached in a housing as well but I cant see how its wired in.

Cant seem to find anything on here about this already, nor on Google so please let me know if you’ve done this already or even just to tell me how easy it is and how dumb I am haha. Thanks in advance!