Battery wiring idea.. is it possible?

I am currently running 2x3s 5,000mAh. I am happy with speed but want to extend range. Is there a way to wire my current 2x3s with an additional 2x3s for a total of 10,000mAh for longer range? If I am correct wouldnt this simply be a 6s 10,000mAh setup that can still be charged on a iMax B6AC? Would my VESC still handle this ok?

Yes there is. We call it parallel. Search for “zippy in parallel” or something similar. You’ll just need a “Y” connector essentially.

I think It could, It won’t modify the Erpm rate, but I don’t know if the Imax can support 10A. Why don’t you use they together and use separately?

My main goal is to be able to charge without opening the enclosure. I already have a 2x3s setup with a charging port but want to add an additional 2x3s setup for extended range. Because the imax will only charge at 5A it will just twice as long to charge correct?

Correct. You could also get a parallel charging board off of hobbyking or something.

Here’s a good thread to read through.


@rpn314 thank you!

If you want a completely integrated solution, you could also add a BMS inside and then you’d just need a single laptop style charger. [quote=“flywithgriff, post:6, topic:19035”] thank you! [/quote]

Happy to help!

Im not opposed to a BMS i just have absolutely no idea how they work or are installed. Any idea what the charge time with a BMS would be?

It depends, the bms simply balance your batteries and cut the voltage when nedded. It is faster because you can use a 5A ,or more,power brick to charge the batteries.

Also try to use reliable Bms because it is better, but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money like me, buy one from ebay, bypass the wiring and use the Vesc to cutoff the battery and the power brick to don’t overcharge

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So basically I need to buy a BMS that supports my battery configuration and then pair a power brick with it that charges near the max amps my batteries can receive. Is this correct?

You can at 2a if you want, 5a is about the safe max. I usually charge at 2a with a BMS and 5a with a balance charger.

Running a bms with 4x3s 5,000 mAh batteries, what kind of charge time will I be looking at?

Hmmm, prolly 4 hours or so at 5a. But it’s hard to say. Depends on how low you run the voltage, how out of balance the cells are, the quality of the batteries, etc.

If it were me, I’d make 2 15 pin charge ports, 1 for each series of batteries (each series being 6s) and charge them separately.

My entire reason for considering BMS is for ease of charging. Do you mind if I PM you my current setup and what I want to achieve to get your opinions?

Sure. It’s just cheaper to use a 5s charger on each pack, if you already have the charger, the buying a BMS. If you are set on a BMS follow the @Namasaki rules of “Zen and the Art of BMS’s” :grinning: and get the BestTech HCX-D223V1.

I currently have two 3s 5000mAh 30C packs wired together in series for one 6s pack. This setup is connected to an external mount charging port. I charge it with a IMAX B6AC.

I want to add an additional 2x3s pack and wire it to the current setup for an overall 6s setup with more Amp hours but without losing the external charging port.

Personally, I have never been a fan of charging lipos in parallel. Some people say it’s ok other say it’s not ok. Since you where planning to buy additional batteries to up your range, I believe there is a much easier way. Just replace your two 3s 5000 30c packs with two Zippy Flight Max 3s 8000 30c packs. This way you are increasing your range by 63% with a “bolt on” upgrade. So if you where getting 6 miles with your current batteries, you should see close to 10 miles with the flight max. Also the fact that the flight max support higher amperage draw means less voltage sag which in turn means added range. The ZFM are also only 27mm thick so they are good for low profile installation. You could recoup some of the cost by selling your used Lipos in the forum market or keep them for backup. This way you can gain valuable miles using your existing setup and charger.

Well damn, that’s a pretty simple solution!! I believe I will buy the 8000’s and then work on using the 5000’s as a backup set.

Also, to answer your question about the Vesc handling the upgrade. Since your not changing the voltage, the Vesc won’t know the difference. The Vesc doesn’t care about battery capacity, only voltage.

oh, one more thing, An important tip about Hobby King.